Let’s get it crackin #GRE #balcony #gradschool #phd

Let’s get it crackin #GRE #balcony #gradschool #phd

GRE Kaplan Practice Results

I took a practice GRE test with Kaplan this past Saturday (from home). I swear the exam is about stamina only. 2 hours into the test I was tired and just picked random answers to get the test over with ( bad bad!).

Anyways here are my results:

Math - 141

Verbal- 150

I definitely have to take more tests to build my stamina. Definetly need to dedicate at least 2 hours a day until test day - taking the GRE on June 30

Preparing to take them in June.

Preparing to take them in June.

GREs post-poned

I switched my GRE date from February 6, 2012 to June 30, 2012. Since I am not applying to any programs this cycle, there is no need for me to take the GREs so soon. Plus, I just want to it once. So if I have more time, I can study more and master the GREs.

Today’s Mastered vocabulary words








Week #1 study plan for GRE

For the most part I will be following the GRE tutor six week plan.

Day 1

Research GRE, sign up for test, and get acquainted with the format of the test. 

Day 2 (Saturday 12.31.11)

-1 hour vocabulary building


-Arithmetic Tutorial

-10 Arithmetic practice questions

Day 3 (Sunday 1.1.12)

- Essay tutorial

- 30 minutes vocabulary building

- Ch 2 Kaplan Verbal Workbook

Day 4 (Monday 1.2.12)

-Kaplan Sample test online

-Algebra tutorial

-10 algebra practice questions

-30 minutes vocabulary building

Day 5 (Tuesday 1.3.12)

- Read text completion section tutorial

- 10 text completion practice questions

- 30 minutes vocabulary building

-10 practice Algebra questions

- Glance essay topics on GRE website

Day 6 (Wednesday 1.4.12)

-1 hour vocabulary building

- Ch 3. Kaplan Verbal Workbook

- Reading Comprehension tutorial

- 10 practice comprehension questions